• To promote the social and business welfare of its members and to do any and all acts necessary and incidental thereto pertaining.
  • To establish and maintain a system of reports which may be used by its members for their guidance and protection.  
  • To take such steps as may be necessary and proper for the arrest and prosecution of such employees and dishonest persons who may defraud or cheat any of its members. 
  • To assist its members in procuring honest and competent employees.
  • To protect the hotel interests in this State from unjust, unnecessary and discriminating legislative action.   
  • To do any and all other acts and things necessary and proper to carrying out the purposes and ends above set forth. 

Association Purpose 

Your Business Is Important to Us

The Connecticut Lodging Association is a trade association representing and promoting the lodging industry in Connecticut. We have more than 50 active property members, which include hotels, motels, resorts, inns and bed and breakfasts. We also have over 20 allied members, representing various vendor services available to members such as Information Technology, Landscaping Services, Drapery, Laundry Equipment, Legal Services, Public Relations, Pest Control, and much more.

Representing the Lodging Industry since 1904